Consulting and advisory services

Consulting and advisory services

We provide advice and guidance for various issues related to association activities and civic engagement. The duration and nature of the service varies based on the customer’s needs, ranging from answering individual questions to consulting associations in longer development projects. Common topics we advise on include founding an association, accounting, applying for funding, fundraising, and project management.

The consulting and advisory services are primarily intended for multicultural and ethnic minorities’ associations and associations started by immigrants. The services are free of charge.

You can request advice directly from our experts, whose contact information is listed below. You can also find answers to several frequently asked questions in our association resource library.

Tuomas Rinne
NGO adviser

tuomas.rinne (a)

040 844 1217

  • Founding an association
  • Administration and finance
  • Fundraising and institutional funding
  • Events and volunteer engegament

Johanna Luukkonen
NGO Adviser

johanna.luukkonen (a)

044 768 9243

  • Training and events
  • Communications and marketing
  • Project planning and management
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Tuuli Shinyella
NGO Adviser

tuuli.shinyella (a)

044 768 8601

  • Project planning and management
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Volunteer engagement
  • Organisation strategy